Alpine Loop
Alpine Loop

The Alpine Loop is one of my favorite bike rides. It’s a long uphill battle around Timpanogos mountain with some fun downhill as a reward for your efforts.

I started up North Fork canyon, went down American Fork canyon, and came back home along the Murdock Canal Trail. It took me 5 hours to complete. I would recommend starting up the American Fork Canyon — It’s much more fun to come down North Fork Canyon than to come down American Fork Canyon.

storm clouds

It’s not the most pleasant site when you come out of the canyon and see a storm over your house.

Lucky me, this eagle/falcon posed for me

Lucky me, this eagle/falcon posed for me.


  • A lot of downhill
  • Scenic
  • Paved


  • You are on a normal road, so you do have to be aware of motorists

Misc Notes

  • This is a long bike ride; it took me 5 hours
  • Be prepared for hours of continuous uphill
  • In the winter you could try to bike on through, but the road is closed, and so any snow and debris on the road won’t be removed.

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