Little Rock Canyon
Little Rock Canyon

This is a short, little-known hike. I biked up to the trailhead, and wasn’t able to go any farther on my bike, so I came back later and hiked up the trail with my sister.
I lost track of the trail a few times — when that happens there is a riverbed (the riverbed was dry, but that won’t always be the case) that you can travel up, and you will eventually meet back up with the trail. We stopped hiking when the trail disappeared and we were met with scree on the right and shrub oak on the left. We tried going a little bit up the scree, and then decided to turn around and go home. Within the next few weeks, I’ll make another attempt at this hike.


  • Go East on 800 South in Orem which turns into 3700 North in Provo which turns into Quail Valley Drive and goes past Timpview high.
  • When you get to the top of the hill turn right and then immediately turn right onto Sherwood drive
  • The trailhead is in between two houses there on Sherwood drive.


  • there were no other hikers on the trail


  • the trail disappears at times
  • you have to do some bushwhacking
a baby chipmunk sitting on a rock

We saw a bunch of baby chipmunks. The little things could barely walk.

Biking little rock canyon

I didn’t get that far on my bike before I decided to turn around and come back later on foot.

north side mountains

north side mountains

Further Reading — had a good map — a good description of the hiking conditions

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