Squaw Peak Overlook
Squaw Peak Overlook

This week me and my Mom biked up to the squaw peak overlook. It was a nice short steep bike ride. Afterwards I rode around in the cascade mountain foothills before coming home. If you’re looking for something short yet strenuous, you’ll want to try this climb.


  • paved
  • great views
  • easy to get to


  • You’re on an actual road with cars

other notes

  • this is a steep climb
  • the steepness grade is pretty consistent the entire way up

Further Reading

Total distance: 9.75 mi
Max elevation: 6650 ft
Total time: 01:25:04
squaw peak overlook

the squaw peak overlook

The bike ride provided nice views of Provo Canyon and of the valley

The bike ride provides nice views of Provo Canyon and of the valley

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