Y Mountain
Y Mountain

This week I hiked to the top of the Y Mountain. Starting at the Y, there is a little trail that goes around the mountain to the canyon on the south. A nice cool breeze will welcome you as you travel up the canyon. You’ll arrive at some beautiful meadows on the backside of the mountain. From there the trail continues to the top.


  • It’s a beautiful hike.
  • Average incline the whole way.


  • This trail is best hiked in the middle of Summer — there is a cold breeze that blows down the mountain, and the trail is often covered in snow.
  • The hike up to the Y is the most popular hike in the area, and so parking can overflow into the neighborhoods below.

Further Reading

Total distance: 20.37 mi
Max elevation: 8488 ft
Total time: 03:43:06
The big loop on the map is there because I took a different path to bike up to the trail than I took to bike back.

DSC_3585_stitch e small cropped

y mountain meadows

Y Mountain

(this pic is from an earlier hike)

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