Deer Creek to Dry Creek
Deer Creek to Dry Creek

After having drank through 7 water bottles, I decided to call it quits, and returned home, making this my first failed adventure. This is my trip report.

Me and my mom biked up to the Granite Flats Campground, and then we split up, and I continued up the Deer Creek to Dry Creek trail #43. I quickly found that the trail wasn’t suitable for biking up, and so I pushed my bike up an additional 2,633 ft.
I almost ran out of water, but then while leaving my bike, I ventured out a little bit, and seeing a waterfall ahead that looked safe enough to drink from, I refilled and continued on.
I basically got to the top, but when a hiker told me there was no way I was going to be able to get my bike over the approaching saddle, and with the following three reasons in mind, I decided to turn around.

  1. things kept getting steeper, and I had to bike back down the mountain.
  2. I didn’t know what the terrain looked liked on the other side, and if I could bike down it.
  3. I was running out of water, again.

And so after having climbed 4600 feet, I decided to turn around for a fun downhill ride home — until my tire blew out.

My tires were very worn out, and they finally gave out this time around.

My worn out tires finally gave out this time around.


  • Few people on the trail.
  • There are a couple of waterfalls.
  • The climb never got too steep (although it did continue on for many miles).


  • little shade — bring lots of water (you can fill up on water at the rock canyon campgrounds).
  • This hike is one-way — there is no way to loop back around to your starting point.
  • There are much prettier hikes in the area.

Further Reading

There was a little stream that crossed the trail a few times.

There was a little stream that crossed the trail a few times.

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biking on up -- I biked from 4700 (home) to hiked from 6767 (Granite Flats Campground) to 9306 (near the summit)

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