Big Springs
Big Springs

Shingle Mills Peak

Last week, for the 4th of July, my family ran a 10k. I did a terrible job pacing myself, but I ended up finishing in 47 minutes. Next time I’ll run better. There was a guy there who ran the entire race barefoot. Anyhow, the 10k replaced my Saturday hike, so instead, I’ll dig back into my archives and review a past hike of mine.

Big Springs is a beautiful hike. It starts at Big Springs Park, takes you up to Shingles Mill Peak, and then on down to Rock Canyon. There are a lot of beautiful aspens, meadows pines, and all sorts of vegetation. The first part of the hike follows a little stream.


  • Beautiful
  • Variety of vegetation
  • Mild steepness grade
  • There’s a rest area with picnic tables


  • This is a very long hike if you take it all the way to Rock Canyon


  • Go up Provo Canyon.
  • Turn right at Vivian Park, and head up the pursuing canyon (South Fork Canyon).
  • Towards the end of the canyon turn right at Big Springs Park.
  • At the end of the park there is a parking lot and the start of the Big Springs Trail.

DSCF7452 small

There were a lot of Aspen trees.

DSCF37142 small

DSC_2577 (2)


  • Very nice pictures and nice blog!
    I’ve done the Big Springs area several times too.

    You’ve reignited my desire to share hiking adventures by visiting my “Outdoor Ventures” site. Just need time for it.
    Happy hiking!

  • Thanks.

    You had some really good pictures on you Outdoor Ventures site as well. You should definitely find some time to keep hiking. Just tell yourself you need to get some exercise into your week, and your going to do it by hiking. That’s how I justify the time I spend hiking.

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