Slate Canyon
Slate Canyon

This week I hiked Slate Canyon with my sister. The following was written by her.

Slate Canyon is a nice hike with pretty wide trails. If you get far enough, however, the trail will suddenly narrow out. It’s at that point where you reach all the wildflower fields. It’s really nice to be walking amongst the flowers and it actually becomes more enjoyable than walking through the wider trails that are mainly made of loose rock. The scenery is ever changing and you quickly go from walking through smaller trees to thick aspens to meadows surrounded by the peaks of neighboring mountains. You can pretty much keep walking for as long as you want on the trail. It’s a good hike with hardly any other people. It’s nice and quiet and there are lots of squirrels, butterflies and dragonflies and not too many normal flies. We did see a few snakes and there are lots of bees around the flower meadows so the hike might not be good for anyone scared of either of those things.


  • It’s quiet with not that many people.
  • Lots of different types of scenery throughout the hike.
  • Trees provide lots of shade so it’s very cool before noon.
  • The outhouse at the bottom was really clean


  • It’s fairly steep on the way up so it’s pretty much downhill the whole way back.
  • Lots of loose rock the first part of the trail.

Slate Canyon

When I heard something in the meadows, the last thing I expected to see was a ground squirrel pop up.

When I heard a noise in the meadows, I was taken by surprise when it was a ground squirrel that popped up.

The top provided great views of the surrounding mountains

The top provided great views of the surrounding mountains

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