Rock Canyon to Shingle Mills Peak
Rock Canyon to Shingle Mills Peak

This week I learned of another trail that is not bikeable, yet I tried to bike up there anyways. I pushed my bike all the way to the top, just to have it break down on me. The derailer was super bent, And I ended up just disassembling the derailer and biking down the mountain without the ability to peddle. Most of the way down I had to push my bike because of the incline + loose rocks.
I was surprised by the amount of people hiking the trail. For how far back this mountain is I wouldn’t have thought there would be so many people hiking. There were hikers, both old and young; there were a few families, and a couple of dirt bikes.

The rock canyon trail will take you to the Rock Canyon Campgrounds. If you circle around the campground roads, you’ll eventually see a trail marker for trail 60 (Dry Fork Trail). This trail will take you the rest of the way up to Shingle Mill Pass. Many people prefer to start the hike from the campgrounds.


  • Gentle incline
  • Can be done as a loop (from big spring to rock canyon)
  • It’s pretty, especially coming from the big springs side
  • Plenty of Shade
  • Great views of all the surrounding mountains


  • None

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