Little Baldy to Battle Creek Canyon
Little Baldy to Battle Creek Canyon

I hiked 28.8 miles!

Little Baldy and Battle Creek Canyon are both great trails for some trail running. Unless you want to be running for a long time, you probably wouldn’t want to do both in the same day. But I’m crazy, so I can do it.

It was pretty up there at this time of the year with all of the fall leaves changing color, unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures today because I needed all the room I could get in my backpack to bring extra water.

I started out on the Jordon Parkway/Provo Canyon trail.

Total distance: 5.73 mi
Max elevation: 5062 ft
Total time: 01:08:22

Immediately after Canyon Glen Park, the Little Baldy Trail branches off of the provo Canyon Trail.

Total distance: 10.16 mi
Max elevation: 8409 ft
Total time: 02:47:40

I took a detour following some half visible trails through the brush.

Total distance: 2.15 mi
Max elevation: 8255 ft
Total time: 02:12:40

Coming down Battle Creek Canyon, and back home, via the Murdock Canal Trail.

Total distance: 10.79 mi
Max elevation: 7149 ft
Total time: 02:44:00

The total climbing distance was 1.3 miles, and it took me 8 hours to complete. The 2 mile detour unnecessarily added 2 more hours to my time, so I could have completed the loop much faster if I didn’t go off on that detour.

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