Shingle Mills Peak
Shingle Mills Peak

It’s amazing how far away Shingle Mills peak looks from the valley. It looks like a multi day backpacking trip that no one would ever do cause who would ever think that there is a trail that goes this far back into the mountains. But there is a trail that goes back to the peak, and it isn’t some multi-day trip. You have two options of how to get to the peak. Either from Rock Canyon or from Big Springs. Both ways work, the Big Springs route is a little easier because you don’t have to climb as much in elevation, although, I think it might be a longer route to take, but I’m not sure on that.

I didn’t quite get to the top, but if I continued a little bit higher to the peak on the left, I would have made it. But it was getting dark. I wanted to hike Freedom Peak, but when I got to the mountain, I found that hiking Freedom Peak would be a dangerous climb, so I turned around. And besides, my knees still hurt from the 29 miler I did last week.

There are many other destinations that you can hike to from the Cascade Mountain to Provo Peak ridgeline. Some of the other hikes that are nearby, or on the ridgeline are

Total distance: 15.77 mi
Max elevation: 10202 ft
Total time: 05:51:33

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Mountain goats on Freedom Peak

mountain goats climbing Freedom Peak

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