The Top of Stewart Falls
The Top of Stewart Falls

There is a little know side trail on the way to Stewart falls that will take you to the top of the falls, allowing you to see a side of the falls not many people see. There are also a few more waterfalls you can hike to from the top of the falls.


  • The trail is hikeable all year long.
  • You get to see a side of the falls most people don’t get to see.
  • The view from the top of the falls is nice.


  • The trail is hard to find.

Further Reading

Stewart Falls Trailhead

  • Go up Provo Canyon
  • Turn left onto North Fork Canyon (The road that leads up to Sundance)
  • Turn left at the first left past Sundance. It’s just right after the Sundance parking lot.
  • Immediately turn left again. You’ll be taken down towards Sundance, and then back up into the mountains.
  • The trailhead will be on your right. There will be a bunch of no parking signs and a little bridge that marks the start of the trail. Some people will park here anyways, alternatively you can park at the Sundance parking lot, and then walk up to the trailhead.
  • The trail to the top
    Hike to the Stewart Falls, and then take the Aspen Grove to Stewart Falls trail. You’ll be going uphill, as soon as you start coming back downhill the trail that leads up to the top of Stewart Falls will be hidden on the East side of the trail. There’s nothing marking the trail, and sometimes they’ll put a log in front of the trail, making it seem like it’s not a valid trail.
    Alternatively, let me just briefly say there is a trail that connects the lower falls trail to the Aspen Grove to Stewart Falls trail, so you don’t have to actually travel to the falls first, but I don’t want to try to explain this method.

    Stewart Falls

    The mountains at the top of Stewart Falls

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