FR025 in Springville
FR025 in Springville

The FR025 trail connects the canyon North of Hobble Creek Canyon to Hobble Creek Canyon. To get there you just follow center street in Springville until it ends. Where the street ends FR025 begins. I only biked a little ways before turning around and coming home. I would like to return and continue on to Hobble Creek Canyon or to powerhouse mountain.

Edit: I have now been to powerhouse mountain, which is a great mountain to hike if you want a mountain that is not too steep that you can get to the top of in a couple of hours. I also want to say that there is a very cool rock formation that you pass by as you head to the top of the powerhouse mountain. The below pictures show the arch in the rock formation and the view from the top of this formation.

The canyon wasn’t too steep for hiking, and is a fun canyon to bike down, although biking up the canyon would be difficult. If you wanted to bike this canyon, I would start from Hobble Creek Canyon, and then loop around to this canyon.

DSCF4159_stitch 2 small

Total distance: 3.04 mi
Max elevation: 5430 ft
Total time: 00:10:46

Watch out. You can’t walk through this archway — you would fall through to the ground below.



  • Thanks for posting your adventures. Your photos are excellent.
    A friend and I have been hiking weekly for years, but you have several trails here that I haven’t heard of. We haven’t hiked this year due to the pandemic, but I’m looking forward to checking out the trails you posted about once it’s safer to go out into the world again. Thank you for giving me a few things to look forward to!

  • I didn’t know if anyone even visited this website, so I’m glad you are finding this website useful. Have fun on your hikes.

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